Lead your kids into the Bible this summer!

The Summer Family Devo 2023:

* involves all your kids from 3-15 with easy-to-digest, bitesize devotionals

* gives you high-quality faith resources at the click of a mouse

* requires very little prep from you

* makes family devos FUN again!

Do you:
--> want to teach your kids about Jesus?
--> get distracted by everyone's busy routines?
--> struggle to find resources which work?

--> not always know where or how to start?

Sounds like you need the...

Summer Family Devo 2023

Lead your family through the story of Joseph this summer!

The Summer Family Devo is a set of downloadable PDFs to help those much-desired-for family devotions actually happen!

The story of Joseph has been split in short, bitesize, REALISTIC chunks, with a clear plan for completing the story across a typical 6-week summer break.

Then there are related activity sheets, colouring pages, quizzes, a progress wallchart and so much more...all to help your kids have FUN as they get into the Bible this summer!

What's inside the Summer Family Devo 2023?

This is a digital product, so you get instant access! No waiting for delivery!
No printer? No problem! Simply select 'digital only' at checkout, and you'll only pay for those resources which work on a device.

Please note: nothing will be sent through the post.

24 x simple 5min devotions through the story of Joseph (that's 4 per week across a typical 6-week summer break)

6 x end-of-week family quizzes about that week's readings in Genesis. We bring the questions, you add the prizes and competitive spirit!

24 x Bible story cards - perfect for any child who enjoys pictures and shorter text!

A 13-page journal with creative prompts for older kids, teens and adults who want to go more in depth!

6 x memory verse printables - stick these up around the home to help learn 6 key verses which relate to what we're learning about Joseph! Or download them as phone wallpaper - great for you or your phone-owning child! (Printables only available in 'printable' option.)

6 x gorgeous colouring pages, exclusively designed for the devo by Sophie Killingley. Perfect for rainy days! (Only available in 'printable' option.)

6 x activity sheets - one per week, related to the week's readings in Genesis, including Spot-the-Difference pictures by Anna Hamill. Print as many times as you like for each child. Perfect for road trips! (Only available in 'printable' option.)

1 x wallchart - stick this on the wall and track your progress through the life of Joseph together with stickers or colouring! (Only available in 'printable' option.)

Just imagine...

  • ...watching your kids enjoy reading the Bible 
  • ...teaching your kids to understand and apply the Bible for themselves
  • ...having ready-to-go activities at your fingertips for road trips, waiting room ordeals and rainy days this summer
  • ...knowing that your kids are growing in faith and understanding
  • ...uniting your family over God's word - without them even realising!
  • ...getting to the end of the summer to discover your whole family just read a great big chunk of Genesis!


So you might be thinking, "Sounds good, but could MY FAMILY actually keep this up?"
Relax! Included in your Family Summer Devo are TWO bonuses which I really think will help!

1. Video introduction
to help you

My easy-to-follow video intro will help you make sense of the resources and discover where's best for your unique family to start. Plus: I'll give you a support email you can use if you ever get stuck. In fact I'll do all I can to make sure the devo is a success for your family this summer!

2. Facebook community
to keep us accountable

Did you know you're not the only family reading the life of Joseph together this summer?

Connect with other Christian parents just like you! Share the things that worked and the things that didn't, ask for help or tips, laugh and cry together! I'll be active in the group too, and together we'll crack Joseph with our families this summer!

Who's behind the Summer Family Devo 2023?

Hello! I'm Lucy, a parent just like you. My vicar husband Al and I live in York, England, with our four kids who arrived by birth and adoption. They're currently aged 8-13 with social lives to rival the Kardashians.

Honestly! We spend our lives getting them to school, football training, gymnastics, dance, brass group, parties, playdates and church groups. Oh yeah, and we try and fit in our own jobs too...

Life is FULL ON. And, while we know that God has given us a clear mandate as Christian parents to teach our kids about God (Deut. 6:4-9), with the best will in the world, it can be a struggle.

So I create resources to encourage, equip and resource families just like ours. Families where no one sits still. Families with crazy schedules. Families dealing with the challenges of neurodiversity, early life trauma and mental health battles. In other words: normal families!

I blog at The Hope-Filled Family and share encouragement on Instagram and Facebook too, although this year I'm largely found at Parenting for Faith. When I'm not caring for my kids or working, I love to cook, eat, read, make music, and spend time with friends. And I run on chocolate.

How does the Summer Family Devo work?

Watch the training video - this will help you navigate the devo.

Download the resources to your device, printing those you'd like hard copies of.

Pick a day and time to get started. Meal time? Bedtime? Whenever works best for your family.

Start with the Family Devotions. These comprise a few verses to read from Joseph, plus a couple of short questions - one 'closed' (factual) and one more 'open' (sharing thoughts and feelings).

Got kids who need something a bit shorter? Switch out the Family Devotions for the Bible Story Cards!

Now the world's your oyster! Select as many or as few of the remaining resources as you like. Kids enjoy colouring? Print the colouring Bible verse sheets. Fancy a memory verse challenge? Use the memory verse graphics. Road trip coming up? Get the activity sheets printed off. Competitive family members? Use the end-of-week quizzes! 

So...who is the Summer Family Devo for?

Christian parents who...

  • Struggle to 'fit in' daily faith input with their kids
  • Feel like headless chickens, running around keeping the family going
  • Don't have the time to find or create good resources
  • Want to give their kids a solid Christian foundation
  • Are committed to finding just 20 minutes per week during the summer holidays
  • Would love to use this summer for long-term Kingdom value!

It's NOT for you if you...

  • Are happy to leave your kids' discipleship to Sunday school (1hr per week? Sure, if you think so...)
  • Aren't fussed about teaching your kids God's word (I mean, the world has a verrrrrry different agenda, but if you think that's preferable, then go ahead)
  • Already have a family happily doing daily Bible studies together (woaaaah, gimme some tips!)


You'll receive an email receipt and course access instructions. Look out for these emails. If they're not in your inbox, check your spam or promotions folders. Can't see them? Get in touch: lucyrycroft3@gmail.com

No, this is an entirely digital product. That means no waiting for the postie to come!

No! Just opt for the 'digital only' product at checkout. This ensures you don't end up paying for resources you're not going to use. However, if there's any way you can print the resources - for example at work or a parent's house - I strongly recommend getting the full Devo pack, as the activity and colouring sheets are LEGENDARY!

Once you've checked out, you'll receive an email with access instructions. Following these instructions will take you to the printables, which you can then easily download and print - but any problems, just give me a shout: lucyrycroft3@gmail.com

There are 4 devotions to do each week across a 6-week period. I estimate each devotion will take around 5min. So - 20min per week. Not a big investment - but one which will pay great dividends!

Absolutely you will! Everything you need is in the Devo, and the questions are either closed (where the answers can be found in the text) or open (which instigate discussion - no right/wrong answers, just opinions and ideas). You can TOTALLY do this!

With such short, manageable devotions, you don't have to sit down! Why not do them in the car en route to holiday or a day out? Or perhaps in the garden, on a swing or trampoline. Or listen to an audio Bible, then chat through the questions while you're walking along the road (this is actually Biblical - see Deut. 6:7!).

Relax! You have lifetime access to the devo! If I do ever take it down, I'll make sure to give you plenty of warning so that you can download all the resources and have them forever.

The main thing for you to know is: you have as long as it takes to do this devotional!

The price has been set deliberately low to ensure easy accessibility and affordability for regular families. If people start to print these resources in huge quantities then, as their creator, I lose out financially. I'm not trying to make millions, but this is my livelihood.

By all means photocopy as many as you need for the number of kids you have in your household - large families are very welcome to copy as many resources as they need! But I'd appreciate it if you could let me know (lucyrycroft3@gmail.com) if you'd like to make copies beyond that. I'll always try and work with you to come up with a fair deal - and sometimes I'll be able to say 'Go for it!' for no extra charge! But please ask first :) Thank you so much.

You can either pop them on the Summer Family Devo Facebook group, or email me at lucyrycroft3@gmail.com

As this is a digital product, it can't easily be returned. However, if the Devo hasn't been up to your standards, do let me know at lucyrycroft3@gmail.com - I'd love to see how I can make it up to you.

What are you waiting for?!

If you're looking to get into great spiritual habits with your kids, but your schedule is crazy and your kids have a goldfish-like attention span, then you need some poker-hot resources available at the click of a mouse!

I've done the hard work for you, so why make life any harder for yourself and your family?

Plus, join with dozens of other families getting to know Joseph together this summer! Encourage and equip each other. This is going to be FUN!

Are you in?!