Family Easter Printables Bundle

Lent approaching? Easter drawing near?

Spring-time is such a wonderful season for families!

Days start to warm up, coats are shed, flowers start poking through the earth - and outdoor play becomes more regular for our children.

But how do we make the most of the opportunities this season brings to savour the moment, reflect on family life and draw our children towards the risen Saviour, Jesus?

Is this your Lent?

* The year is starting to crank up in terms of busyness and activity - but somewhere along the line you know you need to stop and reflect

* The kids are getting outside more and more - but you're aware that the inside really needs a good spring clean

* Everyone is making the most of their days - but you're after simple moments of quiet with God

* You long for opportunities to nurture your children's faith - but the Easter bunny threatens to overshadow the real reason for celebrating

But what if you had a way of pausing in this season?

What if you had resources to help organise family life in the home?

What if you had a devotional resource just for YOU?

And what if you had a handful of creative, faith-based activities at the ready for your children to explore the wonder of the empty tomb?

Introducing the

Family Easter Printables Bundle

10 resources designed to make life EASIER for you this Easter!

(lifetime access)

"Just want to say that your printables are amazing! My kids are now 19, 16 and 15 but I really wish I had had this stuff when they were younger - it's such a great resource!!"


"Really great resource to have for now and in future years, the egg hunt was brilliant and saved me lots of time."

The Family Easter Printables Bundle is a collection of ten digital resources you won't want to be without this Easter.

They're hosted on a permanent platform, so you have lifetime access. No more wondering where you saved them or whether you accidentally deleted them - they're right here, whenever you need them.

All you do is download, print and run!

Here's what you get:


Three different egg hunts that children of all ages would find useful! Rhyming clues, Easter story, and 'first words' (for early readers). Just print, cut, hide and let the kids loose!


Planning to fast this Lent? Here's a fun way to keep track of it. Use it yourself - or there are templates for families up to 7 members, so that you can encourage each other. 


A simple 40-day Lent Bible study for even the busiest parent! Or why not do this with older kids and teens? It will draw you into the heart of the Easter story, in just a few minutes each day.


Four fun and seasonal recipes which link to the Easter Story and inspire faith conversations as they're being made. Great Easter holiday activities or to liven up a rainy Saturday!


Changes in routine over the Easter holidays can cause some children to become extremely anxious and/or dysregulated. These visual timetable cards, specific to this time of year, are a godsend. Add them to your own timetable, diary, planner or timeline to help everyone feel more secure.


There's no better time to check you're on target with your incomings and outgoings than at the start of the financial year. These prompt sheets will talk you through everything you need to factor in.


Another great activity for a rainy weekend - why not make some cards for family and friends? These are so easy: just print onto card, fold and colour!

Kids have too many clothes? It can be a money-waster as well as a space-sucker. So use this helpful audit to track what your kids own, and to prepare for what they need for the future. This method is cheaper too: by planning ahead, you can make the most of the sales when they come!


Domestically challenged? I'm with you. But these sheets (use as many or as few as you like) help to break up a big task into small steps, and plan a time to do it.


There's nothing like launching into a craft project, only to find you don't have what you need. Or a child brings home a project from school and doesn't have the right equipment to make it. Give your craft cupboard a helpful sort-out, and stock up on what you need - this list will help!


Don't worry - included in your bundle is a helpful video, walking through each resource and how you could make best use of it.

 And remember - with lifetime access, you don't need to use everything this Easter! Why not pick 2-3 resources which will bless your family this year? As your family grows, you'll find yourself using different resources in the bundle in future years!

"I used the starting school printable from the Summer Bundle with my little boy this week. We had a really lovely time talking about school. His worries (how loud the hand dryer will be) and writing a card to his new teacher. Thank you for putting them together."


(lifetime access)

"Packing lists from the Summer Bundle have meant that my husband has packed all his and the kids' things and I know we haven't forgotten anything. It's the most chilled-out the night before a holiday I've ever been! Which meant we could watch Lego Masters - 6 year old loves it!

Car bingo was an absolute dream! 6 year old was so into it she almost burst when she got a full house with a stop sign! Kept her and the 2.5yr old distracted from wanting more snacks on a very long journey!"



Me - Lucy! I'm a mum of four primary-aged children, a former teacher, and now blogger at The Hope-Filled Family.

As a mum, I know what WORKS for busy households over Lent and Easter. As a former teacher, I know how to create resources which are child-centred, clear and practical. And as a blogger, I have an insight into the joys and challenges of many, many families.

It's a privilege to put all this information and experience into the Easter Printables Bundle.

Simply click any of the 'Buy Now!' buttons on this page.

Instantly! This is a DIGITAL product, so you don't have to wait for the mail! As soon as you've paid, you will be given the chance to download the bundle. If you miss that, an email will be sent to you with download details.

Simply get in touch with me

The simple answer is no. I've deliberately priced this super-low to make it accessible to as many families as possible. If you share it around, I lose income, which ultimately means I have to increase the cost of this bundle, or pull it altogether. Please don't make me do that!!

However, if you want to use the Easter Story Egg Hunt with your Sunday School class, or the Visual Timetable cards in your nursery or classroom - that is ABSOLUTELY FINE.

The question is whether YOU are using the resources with other children (fine) or whether you are giving the resources to OTHER ADULTS to use with their children (not fine). If in doubt, email me at!

Because this is a low-priced digital product, sadly I cannot offer a refund. After all, you cannot return a digital product like you can return a physical product!

However, I'm a kind person - if you feel the bundle has not lived up to your expectations, or has been mis-sold in any way, then please get in touch with me at, and we'll see if we can make things better for you.

(lifetime access)

"Thank you for the gratitude diary in the Summer Bundle. Was really insightful and encouraging in the first week of the holidays. My son gave some beautiful (and crazy!) answers to the questions (and so did Daddy!)"


Lucy Rycroft

Your facilitator is Lucy Rycroft, founder of The Hope-Filled Family, a resource for faith, family life and adoption. She's a mum of four kids (aged 7-12) and genuinely understands the battle for time with God! In a past life, Lucy was a secondary Music teacher and PGCE lecturer, but now spends her time equipping and encouraging Christian families through the blog, Friday night emails, Instagram and printables and courses such as this one.

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