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Want to draw your family to Jesus this Christmas - but don't have time or energy for yet another task?

The Family Christmas Activity Bundle will provide fun, faith-filled memories for your kids – without giving you burnout!

(Be quick - this amazing offer ends when you close the window!)

You're busy enough as it is, but then December hits, and suddenly you're at a whole new level of busyness.

This frantic month of school events, church celebrations and #ChristmasAdmin threatens to overtake us. We long to use the opportunity to draw our kids towards Jesus, but just don't have the time or energy to do this in any meaningful way.

So let me help you! I can offer:

  • Activities to keep the kids entertained
  • A visual timetable to keep everyone's emotions regulated
  • Traditions to instil gratitude and generosity (but done-for-you, so they don't take AAAAGES for you to put together)
  • Checklists to aid organisation

I'm Lucy, a mum of 4 (plus dog), wife of a church leader and have 13+ yrs experience of doing Christmas with my kids. I know what it is to be busy!

I'm also a former teacher, and know just how to create resources which appeal to kids.

 Why reinvent the wheel?!

The Family Christmas Activity Bundle is a collection of 10 digital resources (90 pages!) that you won't want to be without this Christmas.

They're hosted on a permanent platform, so you have lifetime access. No more wondering where you saved them or whether you accidentally deleted them - they're right here, whenever you need them.

All you do is download, print and run! Here's what you get:

The Jesse Tree is a wonderful way to focus December's excitement onto Jesus - and particularly good for children who already know the Nativity story inside out and back to front. Don't waste money on expensive Jesse Tree resources - here are the printable decorations and readings you need for each day! Couldn't be easier!


A plethora of fun Christmas activities to keep your kids entertained, excited and focused on Jesus this December! Print them out and pop them in a pocket/drawer Advent calendar - or pick them out of a hat. The choice is yours!


Many children (and grown-ups!) become anxious at the changes in routine and increase in activities throughout December. These pictoral cards can be added to any visual timetable or timeline to help the whole family know what's happening during the day, week, month or entire festive period.


Making jams, chutneys and sweet treats is a popular custom at Christmas, and doing this with children encourages them to be generous and think of others. Here are 20 sheets of beautiful labels you can use to professionalise your creations!


This resource grows your child's writing confidence as they write that much-anticipated letter to Santa! With scaffolded templates for early writers, and blank spaces for confident writers, this resource grows with your family.

It's never easy to encourage our children to write thank you letters - but these fun and festive templates (scaffolded for the younger writer; blank for the more confident writer) will make the job a doddle.


It's hard to remember everyone who needs a card this Christmas, but these handy prompt sheets will remind you who you want to write to, and ensure it happens!


Keep track of who you're buying for, whether you've bought it, and whether you've sent it with these handy checklists.


A wonderful keepsake to cherish. Ask your children to complete these questionnaires each New Year, and enjoy watching how their answers change over the years!

Keeping a record of everything our family is grateful for during the year is a wonderful tradition to nurture gratitude in our children (and ourselves!). These gorgeous cards make the tradition easy! Pop them in a jar and re-read at the end of the year.


Don't worry! Included in your bundle is a helpful video, walking through each resource and how you could make best use of it.

 And remember - with lifetime access, you don't need to use everything this Christmas!  

Why not pick 2-3 resources which will bless your family this year? As your family grows, you'll find yourself using different resources in the bundle in future years!


Me - Lucy! I'm a mum of four primary-aged children, a former teacher, and now blogger at The Hope-Filled Family.

As a mum, I know what WORKS for busy households over the hectic Advent and Christmas periods. As a former teacher, I know how to create resources which are child-centred, clear and practical. And as a blogger, I have an insight into the joys and challenges of many, many families.

It's a privilege to put all this information and experience into the Family Christmas Activity Bundle.

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Instantly! This is a DIGITAL product, so you don't have to wait for the mail! As soon as you've paid, you will be given the chance to download the bundle. If you miss that, an email will be sent to you with download details.

You have lifetime access. That's right! Use the bundle this year, next year, and for as many years as you're entertaining children for!

Simply get in touch with me

Absolutely! Many of the resources are not specifically Christian in content, although the sentiments line up with Christian values. And for the resources which are Christian, you could use these with your kids at bedtime, or breakfast, or some other time when it’s just you and them.

The simple answer is no. I've deliberately priced this super-low to make it accessible to as many families as possible. If you share it around, I lose income, which ultimately means I have to increase the cost of this bundle, or pull it altogether. Please don't make me do that!!

However, if you want to use the Jesse Tree decs and readings with your Sunday School class, or use the Active Advent Calendar in your nursery or classroom - that is ABSOLUTELY FINE.

The question is whether YOU are using the resources with other children (fine) or whether you are giving the resources to OTHER ADULTS to use with their children (not fine). If in doubt, email me at!

YES! I'm so certain you'll find this bundle helpful, that if you buy it and realise it's not for you, I'd be delighted to refund you in full. This guarantee lasts a full 30 days from day of purchase.