Adventeen is a daily Advent devotional for teens.

It's a digital download, which means no waiting for the post to arrive: you can print it out or send it to your teen's phone immediately. 

If you have a tween/teen who
•identifies as a Christian but never/rarely reads the Bible independently OR
•is in a good pattern of Bible devotions and looking for something Christmassy to read during December OR
•isn’t sure where they stand, faith-wise, but is open to finding out more

...then Adventeen is for them! 


An Advent devotional for teenagers

Here's the thing...

Teens are often really good at being concerned for issues of justice like climate change, trafficking or racism, but are unsure how Jesus fits into all this.

Adventeen helps them to apply the Bible to their thinking and praying on these issues.

Teens are presented with a world of ‘quick bursts’: TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, instant messages and more.

Adventeen takes just 5 minutes per day. The Bible reading is super short, and the commentary is succinct.

Many adults, let alone teens, struggle to hear God's voice – we can help the church of the future to be stronger in this skill by teaching our kids and teens how to listen.

Adventeen allows space for teens to listen to God, with helpful prompts and tips. 

Who's behind Adventeen?

Hello! I'm Lucy, a parent just like you. My vicar husband Al and I live in York, England, with our four kids aged 9-14.

To be honest, we've found teen parenting and discipleship a real challenge. Our teens don't get a break from all the noise of social media and the world generally. How do we help them hear God's voice the loudest?

As a digital content creator, I wondered if I was in the position to do something about this. A friend was looking for an Advent devotional for her teenager, and couldn't find anything. So I thought, "Why not make one?!"

I've poured all of my experience into Adventeen: as a parent of teens/tweens, a former secondary school teacher and a Christian parenting blogger for over a decade. In listening to the struggles families face, and the resources they need, I've created Adventeen to bridge that gap and help families disciple their teens in a way that fits with busy family life.

How does Adventeen work?

Each day (Dec 1-24), there's a very short Bible passage (often just a couple of verses), followed by a concise explanation/application of the passage, a question to ponder and a 'chat to God' prompt.

The short readings are taken from the gospel accounts of the nativity, interspersed with prophecies from Isaiah, Malachi and Micah, and choice verses from John 1.

It's written in easy-to-understand language which doesn't patronise.

It offers fun facts and context that may be new to your teen, whilst also relating to their world now.

It increases Bible knowledge, but also allows space for your teen to connect with God.

Best of all - it's QUICK (around 5min a day), making it hugely accessible for teens who are used to short bursts of TikTok videos and YouTube shorts.

You can print it off, or download it and send it to your teen's phone - whatever suits them best.

In terms of target age, of course every child is different, but a ballpark would be 11-15yrs. Some younger and older kids might enjoy it too - you know your child best.

Who is Adventeen NOT for?

A teen who wants in-depth Bible study. If your teen wants to study the Bible for 20 minutes or more each day, they would probably get the most from an adult Advent devotional, of which there are already plenty.

Adventeen meets a gap in the market for a short, accessible Advent devo aimed at tweens and teens.


You'll receive an email receipt and Adventeen access instructions. Look out for these emails. If they're not in your inbox, check your spam or promotions folders. Can't see them? Get in touch:

No, this is an entirely digital product. That means no waiting for the postie to come!

No! You can download onto your device and share with your teen from there.

Once you've checked out, you'll receive an email with access instructions. Following these instructions will take you to the Adventeen dashboard, from which you can easily download and print it - but any problems, just give me a shout:

I reckon around 5 minutes a day (but more if your kid wants to connect with God for longer!).

Absolutely! Each day's Bible reading is really short, and so is the commentary that comes with it. It doesn't assume a prior knowledge of the Bible. Plus, although it's entirely possible to do Adventeen independently, it also works to do alongside your teen.

The price has been set deliberately low to ensure easy accessibility and affordability for regular families. If people start to print these resources in huge quantities then, as their creator, I lose out financially. I'm not trying to make millions, but this is my livelihood.

By all means photocopy as many as you need for the number of kids you have in your household - large families are very welcome to copy as many resources as they need! But if you'd like to make copies for people outside your home - e.g. for a youth group or a bunch of friends' kids, then please email me at as I'd love to bless you with a good deal. I'll always try and work with you to come up with something fair :)

Just get in touch within seven days of purchase and I'll happily refund.

What are you waiting for?!

If you have a tween/teen who wants to connect with God this Christmas but isn't sure how, make sure you grab Adventeen now!